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Your Journey

Your First Consultation

Free Consultation (up to 20 minutes) with Dr. Sapiro

Discuss problems and implant options

Look at teeth and bone condition

X-rays and OPG’s will be included

Clear picture of options will be given

Your Second Detailed Consultation

Showing of animation videos

Showing of models, examples, and pictures

Written Treatment Plan

Signing of consent forms

3D CT Scan if required (extra charge), through an external appointment in Wimpole Street (Harley Street, London)

You will be invited to attend a more detailed appointment to examine the condition of your teeth further and to plan your treatment. A detailed consultation is £65 and takes approximately 30 minutes. The second appointment also includes:

Dental Implant Treatment (Surgery) Experience

  • We will provide Conscious Sedation or Local Anesthesia.
  • Before surgery you will be pre-medicated with an antibiotic and a painkiller to minimise the risk of infection
  • Surgery will take place.
  • Time depends on how many implants.
  • After surgery you will have a temporary restoration (Crown, Bridge or denture), so that you go home with teeth in place. (if indicated)
  • 3 months later – exposing the implants and forming the gums
  • 2 weeks later – start the final crown placement or denture
  • Depending on the restoration, the work can take 2 weeks (for dental crown or dental bridge) to 3 months.
  • The dentist will advise you on how to look after your teeth during the Implant healing period.
  • After surgery we will pay (up to £30) for your travel.
    *If you have a more complex surgery you should be accompanied by another adult
After agreement with your treatment plan, you will attend surgery in our London clinic in Wanstead
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