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Want to Taste my Food

Want to Taste my Food

Food is meant to be savoured, and is not just a form of sustenance for the body. Enjoying the taste of food is one of the most basic forms of pleasure that you can have. Missing teeth can negatively affect the way that you enjoy your food – not just in the difficulty experienced when chewing, but also in the way food tastes when you do not have your natural teeth to enjoy your favourite food items.

Missing teeth replacements such as dentures also lessen the enjoyment that you can have with your food, since the plastic part covering the palate affects your ability to fully taste food items. The adhesives used to secure loose dentures in place often leave a bad taste in the mouth, negatively affecting the taste of even your favourite dishes.

Dental implants bring back your ability to fully taste food, so every dining experience can be pleasurable once more.


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