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Dental implant nurse | Omar Faroq | Implants in London


I have been interested and attracted to health care promotion from the outset of my education. I have always been fascinated with how different health care professionals work as a unit to deliver effective and highly valued services to their patients; and how these services influence patients to maintain their health.

As part of my work experience placement at secondary school, I began to appreciate the different sectors in the health care industry; as it provided me with an understanding of different colleagues liaising with one another to produce results for their patients. I began building my knowledge of such roles further throughout my education at college; by undertaking further work experience placements.

Over the years I have witnessed extensively how highly skilled and trained professionals from different sectors, deliver excellent health care services. I have been nursing since November 2011 and have acquired a lot of skills and confidence in this field of work. I initially began my training at the Eastman Dental Hospital as a nurse, and worked at the different multi-disciplinary departments on rotation.

I have developed team leader skills and built upon my communication skills whilst participating in a local community radio show. I have presented many live shows single handed and co-presented with others for a month, over three consecutive years in the past. This required much dedication and commitment. I have also organised fundraisers. I am a highly motivated individual who wants to succeed in all walks of life. Other interests include music, creative-writing, philosophy, psychology, languages, photography and film, Islamic calligraphy, graffiti and fashion.


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