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Dental implant technician | Marius | Implants in London

Marius studied prosthetic dentistry in Germany and is our master technician. With roughly 24 years of experience in prosthetic dentistry, Marius knows what it takes to create a masterpiece: dedication, precision, aesthetics & function.

He mainly focuses on implant prosthetics, complex restorations and CAD construction. As leading head technician, he also oversees every step of our works’ creation process and is responsible for the quality management at our laboratory. Every work will be checked carefully by him before it will be shipped back to the UK. His greatest influences in prosthetic dentistry are aesthetic geniuses Gérald Ubassy & Hubert Schenk as well as Enrico Steger, who is one of the main inventors of the digital revolution in modern prosthetic dentistry.


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