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Dental implant dentist | Dr Freddi Zelener | Implants in London

MSc Implantology

Freddi has studied dentistry at St Bartholomewʼs and the Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry (University of London) and graduated in 1999.






After University he started working at a private practice in Berlin alongside with one of the leading implantologists in Germany. There, he found his passion to surgery and began specialisation in oral surgery. Parallel to this, he started a Master Course in Implantology (MSc Implantology) at the Donau Krems University, where he graduated in 2006.

Freddi worked at Charite as supervising and teaching physician in oral surgery and proceeded to own his private dental practice in Berlin.

Freddi has over 12 years experience in oral implantology and is regarded as one of Germany’s top implantologists.

Apart from surgery and implantology, he enjoys travelling, reading and music.

He speaks German, English and Russian fluently.

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