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Sports Injury (Lost Tooth)

Sports Injury (Lost Tooth)

sports injuryInjuries that happen when playing sports may result to the loss of a tooth; this is more common in contact sports that have a high risk of getting hit on the face, mouth, or head areas. While the loss of a tooth due to a sports injury may be an unwelcome event, you can still enjoy beautiful smiles after this experience – with the help of dental implants.

You can still score big (and smile widely) even after a sports injury – with the help of dental implants!

A dental implant can replace a single missing tooth, or even several teeth lost, due to sports injuries. The implant, partnered with a dental restoration (a dental crown or a dental bridge) replaces both the form and the function of lost teeth. Your smile can look complete and healthy once more even after a sports injury caused the loss of your natural tooth.


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