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Sinus Grafting

A sinus grafting or sinus lift is done to add height to the upper jaw, so that it can support the placement of dental implants. This advanced technique makes it possible even for those who have insufficient upper jawbone mass to have a successful implant treatment.

The sinus graft starts with surgical lifting of the gums to expose the bone, in the location of the molars and the premolars. A small hole will be drilled through the exposed bone to gain access to the sinus membrane; this membrane will then be lifted or moved upwards to make way for the bone graft material.

The grafting material is placed in the space created; the gums are stitched closed again; and the material is given a healing period before the dental implants can be attached.

This diagram show the Upper Jaw (as if it has been folded open like a book). It shows the Upper Jaw of a patient who has no teeth. (The teeth would normally be protruding through the Gum).






sinus3Incisions are made through the gum and Jaw Bone. Additional Bone is added (or Grafted) to raise the height of the Bone so that the Bone is enough to accommodate Dental Implants.






sinus graftOnce the Bone has healed after a period between 2-3 months, multiple Dental Implants are placed into the Jaw as shown. Another 2-3 months healing period is required before securing natural tooth coloured porcelain Crowns over the Dental Implants.

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