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Severe Gum Disease

Severe Gum Disease

Severe gum disease often results when a mild gum problem is left to deteriorate. When a simple gum problem is not treated in the earliest stages, it can progress to something more complicated and can cause serious problems with your oral health.

Tooth loss can result from severe gum disease. Gums problems that have progressed can cause the gum tissue to lose the secure support that teeth need, especially when severe infection sets in. When this happens, the teeth may eventually be lost.

Dental implants can replace teeth that are lost due to severe gum problems.

Tooth loss due to severe gum disease can be solved with a dental implant treatment. The implants will replace the form and function of the tooth (or teeth) lost due to the gum problem. If gum recession has set in, a gum grafting procedure can be done prior to the implant treatment, to make sure that the implants will have the necessary support from healthy gums.


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