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Replace a Lost Tooth from Sports Injury – with Implants in London

Playing your favourite sport is a healthy way to spend your time, and it can also hone your sportsmanship skills. However, injuries and accidents can happen especially if you engage in sports activities that involve a lot of physical contact with other players. Blunt force to the head, face, or mouth area can result to a knocked-out or lost tooth.

Have you lost a tooth due to a sports injury? Do you now have a gap in your smile because of a knocked-out tooth? At Implants in London, we can help you get that complete-looking smile again even after suffering from a sports-related tooth loss.


Implants for Sports-Related Tooth Loss

Losing a tooth due to a sports injury is a painful and unwelcome event – but you do not have to suffer from the tooth loss for a long period of time. The knocked-out tooth can be replaced with a dental implant and a dental crown so you can avoid all the challenges that come with a missing tooth. The implant will be attached to your jawbone, and then connected to the crown to make your smile complete once again.

Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant will also prevent the onset of jawbone deterioration. The jawbone will get thinner and deteriorate over time if it does not receive much-needed stimulation; the implant will work on providing that stimulation to help maintain the quality of your jawbone after tooth loss.

Do you have a missing tooth from a sports injury? Please share your comments with us at Implants in London, and let us discuss how implants can give you a complete smile even after that tooth loss.


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