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IV Sedation

Intravenous Sedation (Conscious IV Sedation)

A sedative is administered intravenously (through the veins), with the use of a needle within the crook of your elbow (or on the top of your hand). The intravenous administration makes the effects of the sedative rapidly work, putting you in a relaxed state in the quickest time possible so that the treatment can proceed without exposing you to anxiety or fear.

Conscious sedation can help nervous patients undergo the necessary dental treatments in a comfortable manner – without the anxiety that comes with dental fear. If you are a nervous patient, conscious sedation can make your dental treatment (such as Dental Implants) a more relaxed one, so you do not have to dread going through a fearful experience.

Conscious Sedation Dental

Conscious Sedation Goals:

  • To decrease your anxiety, fear, and discomfort
  • To facilitate an overall relaxed, comfortable experience during a dental treatment
  • To shorten your recovery period after the treatment
  • To maximise your dental treatment’s cost-effectiveness
  • To ensure your maximum safety during the procedure

Conscious Sedation Advantages

  • Makes the entire procedure a more pleasant and comfortable experience
  • Maximum convenience for both you, and the dentist/dental surgeon
  • Increased cost-effectiveness as there are fewer side effects, and no hospital confinement
  • Quicker recovery period translates to shorter time off from your busy schedule
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