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Nerve Repositioning

Nerve re-positioning is an advanced implant treatment used to change the position of the inferior alveolar nerve, which is the nerve responsible for the feelings in the lips and the chin areas. This treatment is done in cases when there is significant loss of bone mass in the lower jaw area, making it very difficult to place the dental implants without harming the inferior alveolar nerve.

The nerve will be re-positioned starting with the drilling of a small hole through the jawbone. This hole will give access to the inferior alveolar nerve, which will carefully be moved to the side to make way for the dental implants to be placed safely.

An incision is made into the Lower Jaw Bone. The Nerve is carefully pulled outwards and the Dental Implant is screwed into place. Irradiated Bone is added around the Dental Implant to provide more support for the Dental Implant.

nerve repositioning

The irradiated Bone will integrate with the patient’s own bone over a period of 2-3 months.




A surgical pad (collotape) is placed between the Dental Implant and the Nerve. This provides support and cushioning on the nerve.




Additional Irradiated Bone is added over the nerve for more support.




After a period of 2-3 months healing period, Natural tooth coloured porcelain Dental Crowns (or Bridges) are fixed over the Dental Implant.

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