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Loose or Failing Teeth

Loose or Failing Teeth

It may be easy to ignore the problem of loose or failing teeth, since the teeth are still physically present and have not technically been lost “yet”. However, if no solutions are done to the failing or loose teeth, this condition can eventually lead to tooth loss – and the complications that come with missing natural teeth.

Loose teeth can also lead to dental problems; the spaces that are created by the failing teeth can trap food bits and particles that may lead to gum problems or tooth decay when not properly removed. It may also be difficult to properly pronounce words with loose teeth, especially if the teeth are located in the front part of the mouth.

Bothered by Loose or Failing Teeth? Put your Mind at Ease with Dental Implants

Dental implants can replace the form and function of loose or failing teeth, so you can avoid the difficulties and complications that result from having missing teeth. The dental implants replace both the form and the function of the failing or loose tooth (or teeth), so you smile confidently once more!


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