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Importance of 3D Implant Planning

A dental implant treatment starts with the planning stage, when a treatment plan is created to suit a patient’s unique implant requirements. During this planning phase, images of the whole mouth, any remaining teeth (if any), the jawbone, and surrounding supporting tissue will be obtained to get a clear picture of how the implant placement will proceed. Dental CT scans provide precise images that greatly increase the success and safety of the entire implant treatment.


The three-dimensional images that result from a dental CT scan are more accurate and much clearer compared to the images obtained from conventional dental X-rays, which can be distorted and seem unclear. The precision of the 3D images will make it easier for the implant dentist at Implants in London to clearly visualise the patient’s oral anatomy, and any underlying conditions that can develop into complications during the implant placement (if not detected during the planning stage). The need for advanced procedures such as a bone graft or nerve repositioning can be determined with the help of dental CT scans, even before the actual placement of the dental implants.

Implants can be placed with the highest level of accuracy with the help of images from dental CT scans. This precision translates to a completely safe procedure, without the risk of damaging nerves in or around the area where the implants need to be placed. 3D implant planning greatly aids in the success of the entire implant treatment to achieve a functionally and aesthetically improved smile.


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