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I Have No Teeth At All

I Have No Teeth At All

Losing all of your teeth can be a traumatic event, regardless of the reason for the tooth loss. Without all of your natural teeth, it is very difficult to do even the most basic of tasks such as speaking, eating, chewing food, and even smiling. The loss of all teeth can also make you look a lot older than you actually are (cheeks look hollow; lips look shriveled), because this type of tooth loss is more commonly associated with older individuals.

Dental Implants: Giving you Reasons to Smile Widely Once More

All teeth missing can be solved with the help of dental implants, which replace both the form and function of the lost natural teeth. The implants will also help prevent the start or further progression of bone deterioration. A dental bridge, or a full set of dentures, can be attached to the dental implants to replace the missing teeth. Dentures that are attached to dental implants provide better missing teeth solutions compared to removable dentures, since these implant-supported dentures stay securely in place.


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