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How Long Does it Take?

How long does Dental Implant Treatment Take?

how long does implants takeAfter thoroughly checking your need for a dental implant treatment, we will discuss the timeframe needed for your implants to be successfully completed.

We will give you a clear idea of how long the entire treatment will take, so that you can make arrangements and you can set your schedule accordingly.

Your Appointment and Treatment Steps

See a step by step guide to your journey towards dental implant treatment at ‘Implants in London’>

Same Day Dental Implants

It is possible to complete the dental implants treatment within a single dental appointment. In cases when same day dental implants or same day teeth are suitable for you – you can look forward to having the implants as well as the teeth restorations (dental crowns or a dental bridge) in just one dental visit. You will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of dental implants within the same day, just a few hours after the implants and the teeth replacements have been attached.

What Happens When I Don’t Qualify for Same Day Implants?

In cases when same day dental implants are not suitable for your specific implant needs, several treatment sessions may be needed. One visit will be needed for the surgical procedure to embed the implants directly into the jawbone, after which a healing period spanning a few weeks or months (depending on the case) must be completed. Another visit, following the healing period, will be needed to attach the dental replacements to the implants.

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