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Denture implants in London

denture implantsYour dentures help you with normal daily activities such as eating and chewing your favourite food. Removable dentures make it possible for you to have a healthy-looking, complete smile – even after you have lost some or all of your natural teeth.

How long have you used your dentures? If you have used removable dentures for a few years now, you may notice that the tight fit has became loose, and that just a small amount of prodding can remove the dentures altogether. For some, the dentures may even be falling out of the mouth altogether without warning – causing a lot of embarrassment.

Do you want to get the most out of your dentures, without the embarrassment of their loose fit? Are you interested in making your dentures more secure?

We can create permanent denture implants with dental implants. The implants are titanium screws that are directly embedded into the jawbone. These screws replace both the form and the function of missing teeth, and these are then attached to a dental crown or dental bridge.

Denture implants prevent jawbone deterioration

Implants do a great job in securing ill-fitting dentures. The uncomfortable fit of loose dentures result from their removable nature; when missing tooth roots (together with lost natural teeth) are not replaced, the jawbone will eventually deteriorate and get thinner as time goes by. What were once comfortable fitting dentures will become loose as the jaw ridges continue to suffer bone deterioration.

The implants work by giving the jawbone the stimulation it needs so that bone deterioration can be prevented. In cases when the jawbone has already deteriorated from the bone loss, further deterioration can be stopped with the help of dental implants.

Advantages of denture implants

The dental implants are embedded directly into your jawbone and are then used as a secure base where the dentures will be connected to. The dentures are then firmly anchored to your jaw so you can enjoy:

  • More comfort – implant-supported dentures will not move around inside your mouth, and will not rub painfully against soft mouth tissues. You can say goodbye to mouth sores or mouth ulcers that result from frequently moving dentures against the gums and the soft inner mouth tissue.
  • More confidence – you can enjoy more confident smiles when you do not have to worry that your removable teeth accidentally fall out of your mouth! You can confidently carry on conversations, laugh out loud, and smile as frequently (and as widely) as you want to, when you have the confidence brought by implant-secured dentures.
  • Better eating – the things you could not eat before will be a thing of the past

Mini dental implants and dentures

These are smaller in size than traditional implants, and are usually used to provide the necessary stability to dentures or removable dental replacements. You can see in the animation video below where the implants would go to provide denture implants.

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