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Dental implant FAQ’s

We have some of our top questions answered below about dental implants. You can always contact us if you’d like to know more information as well.

1. How long does dental implant treatment take?

After thoroughly checking your need for a dental implant treatment, we will discuss the time frame needed for your implants to be successfully completed. We will give you a clear idea of how long the entire treatment will take, so that you can make arrangements and you can set your schedule accordingly.

Same day dental implants

It is possible to complete dental implant treatment within a single dental appointment.  At your consultation we can assess if same day teeth are suitable for you.  If so, you can look forward to having your implants as well as the teeth restorations (such as dental crowns or a dental bridge) in just one dental visit. You will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of dental implants within the same day, just a few hours after the implants and the teeth replacements have been attached.

What happens when I don’t qualify for same day implants?

In cases where same day teeth are not suitable for your specific implant needs, several treatment sessions may be needed. One visit will be needed for the surgical procedure to embed the implants directly into the jawbone, after which a healing period spanning a few weeks or months (depending on the case) must be completed. Another visit, following the healing period, will be needed to attach the dental crowns to the implants.  See our step by step guide to the stages of implant placement and journey.

2. Am I suitable for dental implants?

You can have implants if you have one missing tooth or several missing teeth. We can even give you full mouth dental implants. We will discuss all of your implant options, as well as your suitability for the treatment, as part of the initial consultation. In general, anyone who has fairly good oral health can have dental implants.

At Implants in London, we offer cutting-edge treatments to deal with conditions that previously prevented the placement of dental implants. You can find out more about these advanced treatments on the links below:

However, there are some conditions that will need to be evaluated further to determine if implants are the best option as a missing teeth solution. These conditions include: heavy smoking or the use of tobacco products, hypertension or high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes, autoimmune diseases, heavy alcohol consumption, and excessive teeth grinding.

3. How much do dental implants cost?

The cost of your dental implant treatment will be discussed in detail with you at your initial consultation. This will give us a chance to explain what every aspect of the cost corresponds to, and we encourage you to ask questions so we can put your mind at ease. We offer a free initial consultation at our London clinic, to give you an idea of your suitability for implants and to prepare your expectations on the treatment.

Our promise: transparency with the treatment costs. No hidden charges – because we know that surprises are not always fun to deal with.

The overall cost of the implants will be based on a number of factors, such as the need for advanced treatments (such as bone grafting or sinus grafting), the number of implants to be attached, and the implant system to be used.

Implants in London offers an all-inclusive dental implant package from £1295 for a single tooth implant. Treatment will be done by our dental surgeon in our London clinic and the package includes:

  • Free consultation including x-rays
  • Clinically tested dental implant system
  • Tailor-designed natural-looking dental crown
  • Support and aftercare
  • 0% finance available up to 18 months

You can find out other dental implant costs on our fees page.

4. Can I afford dental implants?

A dental implant treatment is one of the most important investments you can make for your mouth. The implants provide improvements not only in the way your teeth function, but also provide significant long-term improvements in the appearance of your smile.

We offer 0% and low cost finance options (monthly payment plans) to make payments easier to manage. You can see some finance examples for different fees.

The 0% finance option will make it easier for you to budget for your new tooth implants. We will discuss the details of payment options to put your mind at ease with the financial side of the treatment – so you can look forward to having better-looking smiles, without worrying too much about the cost.


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