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Conscious IV Sedation in London for Nervous Patients

Are you a nervous patient? Do you want to have dental implants, but are anxious about how you will feel during the entire treatment? At Implants in London, we understand how challenging it can be for you as a nervous patient to undergo a dental treatment. We offer conscious IV sedation to make your implant treatment a more comfortable experience.

What Can You Expect with Conscious IV Sedation?


With conscious sedation, the sedative is administered through an IV line that is attached to the top of your hand, or on your arm. You will quickly feel the effects of the sedative, which will work on making you feel completely relaxed so you will not feel nervous during the treatment. You will be conscious throughout the procedure and will be able to understand any instructions or requests from the dentist –  but you will not feel any anxiety or fear.

Keeping you comfortable and anxiety-free during the implant treatment will enable the dental surgeon to concentrate on the procedure, and worry less about your well-being during the process. Fewer side effects can be expected from conscious sedation, and no hospital confinement is needed. You will also be spared from a fearful experience as you are kept completely relaxed with conscious IV sedation, which also works in shortening your recovery period after the procedure.

Are you a nervous patient? Are you interested in conscious IV sedation? Please leave your comments for Implants in London below so we can discuss IV sedation in more detail with you.


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