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Comfortable Implant Treatment for Nervous Patients

Are you scared of going to the dentist? Do you find yourself looking for excuses not to go to the dentist, because you are anxious of the dental treatments that will be done? If you are a nervous patient, you may find it difficult to decide on having a dental implant treatment because of the surgical procedure involved. The mere idea of going through surgery and a potentially painful experience can make an anxious patient decide on not going through an implant treatment at all.


At Implants in London, we offer several treatment methods to make sure that nervous patients will have very minimal discomfort and anxiety when it comes to getting dental implants. A number of phobic and nervous patient care options are available to give you an overall more comfortable and more pleasant experience as you get the missing teeth solutions that you need.

Conscious IV sedation is a method wherein the sedative is administered intravenously, bringing a patient to a very relaxed state of mind. During the implant treatment, the patient will not feel completely comfortable and without anxiety, but will still be conscious to follow the dentist’s instructions. Sedatives can also be administered orally or through inhalation to successfully lower a patient’s anxiety level throughout the implant placement procedure. Other nervous patient care options include acupuncture, controlling the gag reflex, cognitive behavioural therapy, and general anesthesia.


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