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Comfortable Implant Treatment for Nervous Patients

Are you scared of going to the dentist? Do you find yourself looking for excuses not to go to the dentist, because you are anxious of the dental treatments that will be done? If you are a nervous patient, you may find it difficult to decide on having a dental implant treatment because of the surgical procedure involved. The mere idea of going ...
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How Can You Benefit from Same Day Teeth?

Do you want quick solutions to your missing teeth problems? Are you hesitant about getting dental implants because of the long healing period involved before they can be connected to teeth replacements? A same day teeth treatment at Implants in London will let you enjoy all the benefits of dental implants – but you don’t have to wait for months ...
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What’s Included in the Dental Implants Cost?

Are you thinking of getting dental implants? If you answered yes, one of the things you are most likely considering is the cost of an implant treatment, which is one of the factors that can greatly influence a patient’s decision to go through with getting dental implants. At Implants in London, we will carefully explain to you the factors that ...
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Importance of 3D Implant Planning

A dental implant treatment starts with the planning stage, when a treatment plan is created to suit a patient’s unique implant requirements. During this planning phase, images of the whole mouth, any remaining teeth (if any), the jawbone, and surrounding supporting tissue will be obtained to get a clear picture of how the implant placement will ...
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Can You Smile Confidently After Losing Your Teeth?

After losing your natural teeth, it may seem like you won’t be able to smile confidently again. It is natural for people with missing teeth to avoid smiling (or opening their mouth), because they know that their toothless state will be a source of embarrassment.   Do you have missing teeth? Even if you have lost some or all of your ...
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