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Big Smiles in London with Mini Dental Implants

Missing teeth problems can be solved with the help of dentures. However, removable dentures have the tendency to lose their comfortable fit when they are used for a long period of time, causing discomfort and embarrassment to the denture wearer.

Are you having problems with loose dentures? Do you wish to end embarrassing and painful denture use? Mini dental implants at Implants in London can help you get that big smile once again – without worrying that your dentures will fall off any moment.


What are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are smaller compared to traditional dental implants, and are often used to add much-needed stability to loose dentures. The mini implants are used to firmly attach the dentures to the jawbone, solving the problem of ill-fitting dentures that cause a lot of pain and embarrassment when they start moving around inside the mouth.

The mini implants treatment is a minimally-invasive procedure that can be finished within the same day. This technique also makes it possible even for those with thin jaw ridges to have the benefits of a dental implant treatment, without the use of a bone grafting procedure.

Are you tired of dealing with the embarrassment and pain of loose dentures? Do you want to smile confidently without worrying about dentures that fall off? Please share your comments and experiences with us at Implants in London, and let us discuss the benefits of mini dental implants for loose denture problems.


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