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Are You Fed Up with Loose Dentures?

Dentures replace the form and function of missing teeth, and these dental restorations make your smile complete even after losing your natural teeth. However, long-term denture use has its disadvantages. As the years go by, you will notice that your dentures are starting to move inside your mouth when you speak, chew, or eat. The uncontrolled movement of dentures inside your mouth can be uncomfortable; as the restoration rubs against your gums and mouth lining, mouth ulcers, and painful sores can form.

Loose dentures that move in your mouth are a source of embarrassment as well. If you have loose dentures, you may experience embarrassing episodes when the restoration falls off from your mouth when you are speaking or chewing, or sometimes even when you are laughing!


Are you fed up with the problems caused by loose dentures? Do you want to put an end to these embarrassing and painful episodes with your dentures? At Implants in London, we can help you say goodbye to loose dentures with the help of dental implants.

Smile Securely and Confidently with Implants

Dental implants are attached directly to the jawbone, and then used as a secure anchor to hold the dentures in place. When dentures or a dental bridge are attached to implants, the restorations will not move inside your mouth anymore and will stay firmly in place. Dental implants can end the embarrassing and uncomfortable loose denture problems that you have previously endured.

Do you feel frustrated with your loose dentures? Are you looking for ways to secure your dentures in place? Please leave your comments for Implants in London below – and let’s discuss your implant options to secure loose dentures.


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