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Anxiety-Free Dental Treatments in London

Dentist fear is one of the main reasons why countless individuals do not enjoy good dental health. For nervous patients, the fear may be such that they cannot go to the dentist even for a routine dental checkup; the mere thought of going through a dental treatment can send an anxious patient into a panic attack.


Do you feel scared when you have to go to the dentist? If you answered yes, you are not alone – and there are ways to make your dental implants treatment a more pleasant one! Read on for nervous patient care options at Implants in London, so you can have an anxiety-free experience with the dentist.

Nervous Patient Care

  • Conscious Sedation – under conscious sedation, you are placed in a very deep sleep with the help of sedatives. The sedative can be administered through the mouth (oral sedation), through inhalation (inhalation sedation), or through an IV line (IV sedation). You will still be conscious throughout the procedure, but you will be in a very comfortable state – and you will not remember the unpleasant parts of the treatment.
  • Acupuncture  – the use of traditional Chinese medicine, through needles, for the relief of anxiety, and the stimulation of pain relief.
  • Gagging Reflex Control – at Implants in London we offer a number of solutions to control a strong gagging reflex, so that you can undergo the dental implant treatment without the discomfort from gagging.
  • General Anesthesia – available in our Berlin clinic, this technique puts you in an unconscious state and completely numbs your whole body – so that you will not feel pain or anxiety during the dental implant treatment.

Have you ever felt afraid of the dentist? Please share your comments or experiences with us, so we can discuss how to help you have an anxiety-free treatment.


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