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A Few Missing Teeth

A Few Missing Teeth

Bigger gaps in your smile are created when you have a few missing teeth. Losing several teeth can make it very difficult for you to smile, eat and chew properly, and even to speak clearly; the gap created by the loss of a few teeth will also have a huge effect on the attractiveness of your smile. The big space created by this multiple tooth loss can make you look a lot older (especially when your lips take on a sunken look with the tooth loss), and your smile can appear incomplete.

Bridge the Gap Effectively with Dental Implants

Dental implants provide ideal solutions for a few missing teeth. The dental implants replace the roots of the natural teeth that are lost, and prevent the onset of bone deterioration where the missing teeth were once located. A dental restoration (dental crowns, or a dental bridge) will be attached to the implants, completing the replacement of a few missing natural teeth.


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