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3D Implant Planning

3D Implant Planning with Dental CT Scans

dental ct scanThe planning stage of your dental implant treatment is equally important (if not more so) as the actual loading of the implants. This part of the initial phase of the treatment includes creating a unique implant treatment plan that will correspond to your specific needs, so that you can be assured of getting the treatment results that you need. One of the most important aspects of the planning stage is getting clear images of your mouth, including the jawbone and the soft tissues around it.


What is a Dental CT Scan?

A CT (computer tomography) scan is a procedure that generates two- and three-dimensional images of different body organs and structures. A dental CT scan is an integral part of the dental implant treatment, and results to the clearest images – much clearer and more detailed than the ones that conventional X-rays can get.

The Importance of Dental CT Scans

3d3A dental CT scan gets precise images of the oral cavity, as well as the jawbone and the soft tissues in the mouth. Obtaining these images are important to give the dentist a clear idea on the implant needs of a specific patient, and will also help in the formulation of a highly-precise treatment plan that will correspond to the unique dental implant issues of an individual.

Highly-precise 3D images have a very significant impact on the success of the entire treatment.

The CT scan images will also make any underlying conditions easily visible to the dentist, so that these conditions can be taken into consideration during the earliest stages of the implant treatment planning stage.

3D implant planning with CT scans will guarantee the formulation of a precise implant treatment – and highly-reliable results.

At Implants in London, our goal is to make the entire implant treatment as convenient as possible for you. During the planning stage, we will bring you to and from the CT Scan Centre in Central London, where we will get precise images of your mouth, jawbone, and soft tissues as part of the preparation stage for your dental implant treatment.

What Preparations are needed prior to a Dental CT Scan?

3d2Getting a dental CT scan is a painless procedure. You will just be requested to take off any accessories or items made of metal that you may have near the head, neck, and face area (such as earrings/tongue piercings, eyeglasses, hair accessories, dentures, etc.). The dental CT scan images may not be as clear as desired, or may even be damaged, if metal items are present in the area to be scanned.

You will be asked to lie or sit down for your CT scan, with your head secured to avoid any unnecessary movements while the scan is ongoing. The bed may slowly move through the scanner to obtain the images needed; in the case of a cone beam CT (CBCT) scanner, a cone-shaped x-ray beam is moved will be moved around you to get the CT scan images.

In the case of intraoral scanners, a small piece of equipment will be placed inside your mouth to easily and comfortably get the precise 3D images to help with the dental implant treatment planning.

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