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Smile design lab

Smile Design (Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dentistry) by Our Own Master
Qualified Dental Technicians and Dental Laboratory in London & Berlin


Our Master Technicians in Berlin design and create the highest quality, natural-looking Crowns (and for Dental Implants), Veneers, Bridges and Dentures to complete your brand-new smile.

At ‘Implants in London’ we have our own Master qualified dental technicians in Berlin who hand craft, design and paint your Dental Crowns so they look like real teeth. Most importantly they are designed in a way to look like remaining existing teeth and if you have no teeth at all, Dental Crowns are designed according to your face shape and we can even take your past photographs into account to create a smile as close to how your teeth used to be.

Dental Crowns and bridges are dental restorations that form the aesthetic part of dental implants and replace the form and function of missing natural teeth. Dental Crowns are permanently attached to Dental Implants and make up your “Smile Design”. A dental crown is also a cap that is used to cover a decayed or damaged tooth. A dental bridge is ideal for replacing several missing teeth, and is attached to implants that are securely embedded into the jawbone.

  • Crown

  • Bonded

  • Posterier Crown
    (Back of Mouth)

  • (Post) Anterior Crown
    (Front of Mouth)

  • Dental

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